Mission trips 2018

Mexico Mission Project

Our 7th Mexico Team ("M7") will be heading to Mexico during Spring Break (March 24-31), 2018. We have a partnership with Agua Viva Ministries near Ensenada, and our annual Spring Break projects are multi-faceted! Our primary focus is on supporting the youth camp that AVM puts on during that week. We usually help provide leadership with games and recreation, crafts and more, which is a huge help to them, and a big part of their outreach program. We also (often) connect with a local church to run a multi-day VBS/day camp outreach program, and have even tackled some work projects in the camp itself. For more information, email Mare or call 530.273.6425 ext. 400.

Uganda Mission Project

Our 13th Uganda Team ("U13”) will be heading to Uganda from January 2-17, 2018. We have a partnership with El Shaddai World Ministries just outside of Jinja, in Uganda, and we have been serving with them since 2006! Our U13 project will include physically building a church, opening the 2 churches we worked on in January 2017, and doing extensive personal evangelism at all 3 branch churches. On top of that we will be leading our older orphans to become child evangelism trainers themselves at some of the branch churches, plus we will pursue continued valuable connections with their widow’s ministry (Mama’s Heart), all the orphans, and Pastor Robert’s churches.

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For more information, email Mare or call 273.6425 ext. 400.