Uganda "U12" Team Updates

Our "U12" Team left for Uganda on January 4, 2017. Please pray for them as the serve in ministry with El Shaddai World Ministries. We will be posting updates on this page as we receive them!

1/11/17 - Team U12 is doing well in Uganda. We had a good trip here with only a few minor "hic-ups". We hit the ground running. Met the kids briefly on Friday evening, following an exciting ride from the airport with lots of traffic! We did the "clothes shopping” (from all of the donated items) on Saturday. A group went to the YWAM base for Haley's graduation. Hearing aid trip also on Saturday - long day for that group with a second visit to come. We did the dedication of the Namasoga Church on Sunday. It was a very enjoyable time, with a good turnout, a great time of worship followed by a wonderful meal. Monday toured the two churches we are helping to build, moved some bricks and met many people who are very excited about their new church. Tuesday we went to Bugise - one of the new churches, and moved bricks. Met several of the local people, had a most wonderful lunch prepared by them. Wednesday we are taking photos and continuing to gather information on the kids. Each evening we join with them for a time of worship and fun. Each morning a few of them and us go for a short run-jog-walk which is a time for us to spend with the kids.

1/9/17 - WAY out in the cane fields and remote village of Busige (boo-see-gay) where one of the two churches is that we will be working on starting tomorrow. Talk about Deja-vu of Namasoga (the church that was dedicated on Sunday that U11 helped to build.)

The second church we will work on is at Iziru (ee-zee-roo), and was even MORE of a flashback, jumped right in with the brick line tossing.

1/8/17 - Dedication of the church building started by team U11. 

1/6/17 - (From team member, Dan) Deus and Doreen (2 of the orphans tcc sponsors) along with team members Sandy and Roxanna are off to Kampala for hearing aids (thanks for donating the funds TCC!) A group of team members will go to Haley's (U11 vet) YWAM graduation (discipleship training at Jinja YWAM base) this afternoon and a group will stay and visit the kids etc. All are doing well. 

1/6/2017 - The team has arrived at Pastor Roberts home in Jinja.

1/6/2017 - The team has landed safely in Entebbe, they are 11 hours ahead, landed at 2pm their time. Now on to their destination in Jinja... should arrive there around 8pm their time, pending baggage claim, traffic and stops along the way. 

1/4/2017 - Team “U12” departed Twin Cities a little after 9am, one member short. Please pray for the 13th member of this team, Lynn Allison, who is sick with the flu and unable to make the journey.

Team “U12” should be about to take off from San Francisco (4:05 PM, a few minutes late from what I hear) bound for Dubai, UAE. According to the itinerary, a little less than 16 hours later, 7:25 AM our time, the team will land in Dubai for a quick overnight stay.