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Famous philosopher C.S. Lewis was asked one time, “What belief if anything was unique to the Christian faith?” He responded, “Oh, that’s easy. It’s grace.” Grace means that God already loves us as much as infinite love can possibly love - completely and unconditionally. Grace is the gift God offers that changes lives as it is received and then released to others. Yet, the idea of a gift like grace being free goes against every instinct of humanity.

Most religions, including many who claim to be Christian, get confused about grace and base their value system on what you do to earn God’s favor. Confusion about grace leads to pain, burnout, relational breakdown, isolation, and disenchantment. Grace is like the current of a river as it runs through the rugged terrain of our lives. 

In this series, we’ll seek to unpack the secrets to living in the FLOW of grace as God intends for us to live. We’ll cover stuff like Grace and Prayer, Grace and Racial Reconciliation, Grace and Serving, Grace and Generosity, Grace and Success, Grace and Significance,  Grace and Relationships, and more beginning Sunday, January 7 through Sunday, February 25. We invite everyone to come explore the currents of grace as we learn to live the grace-life.

January 7 - Habits of Grace (Message Notes | Music)
January 14 - Unity of Grace (Message Notes | Music
January 21 - Practices of Grace (Message Notes | Music
January 28 - Gifts of Grace (Message Notes | Music
February 4 - Cycle of Grace 1 (Message Notes | Music)
February 11 - Cycle of Grace 2 (Message Notes | Music)
February 18 - Responsibility of Grace (Message Notes | Music)
February 25 - Blessing of Grace (Message Notes | Music)

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