Our Staff Team

Our staff team is passionate about the work we get to do and making a difference in our community! We love God and we love others as we learn and grow and progress forward pursuing God’s vision for our church. Our staff is listed below. Feel free to contact us – we would love to hear from you!

Pastoral Staff

  • Ron Thompson - Lead Pastor

    Ron has been our fearless leader since the very first services back in 1991. Originally from Oklahoma, he loves the ocean, and living out here in California gives him pretty easy access! Most people don't know that Ron is quite a good cook, absolutely hates cheese, and can't hold a tune in a bucket (ok, we all know that one).

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  • Dave Bollen, Worship Arts Pastor

    Dave joined our staff team in 1996 and brought with him his wonderful gifts in music and leadership. Dave has been known to flyfish on a quiet stream now and then, and he also has a thing for classic Volkswagen Bugs. Need a good conversation starter for Dave? Start off with anything about tennis, bicycling, or the Los Angeles Lakers!

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  • John Fairchild - Reach  Pastor

    Originally from Southern California, John joined our staff team in 2003. He brought with him his love for his “Big G God” and his passion for sharing Jesus with others. As the father of five kiddos, John is constantly on the run – literally, because he loves to run and race and even does the occasional marathon! If you want to find John but don’t know where to look, look down – the brightest pair of shoes you see probably belong to him!

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  • Mark Hadley - Spiritual Growth Pastor

    Mark is also originally from Southern California and joined our staff team as our Student Ministries Pastor in 2005. Mark loves to see people grow spiritually as they walk with Jesus, and he recently transitioned to become our Pastor of Groups and Spiritual Growth. Even though he is the only male in his family of four, Mark is admittedly the “feeler” in his family. Do you want to smile? Tell Mark a joke. You will love his free and joyful laugh!

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  • Brett Malech - Serve & Operations Pastor

    A kid at heart, it will not surprise anyone who knows Brett that he served for many years as a volunteer in our Junior High Ministry. Joining our staff team in 2009, it’s a bit ironic that he now serves in a “serious” position as our Operations Pastor! Brett is an amazing servant, always willing to step in and help someone in need. Brett loves to be outdoors and works on his disc golf game regularly. Having a library of jokes in his arsenal, we think Brett’s great sense of humor might be a necessary survival technique, as he is also a devoted San Diego Padres fan.

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  • Bobby Breaux - Children's Ministry Pastor

    Bobby joined our staff team as the Children’s Ministry Pastor in 2003. Originally from Texas, he will be the first to admit that he didn’t even know that kids existed until his second year of college at Biola University! It was there that he discovered his passion for kids and he has been serving them ever since! Bobby loves the snow and activities related to it (skiing, throwing snowballs, building igloos). If you want to get Bobby talking, ask him what he thinks about – anything! We love Bobby’s heart for service and his contagious laugh!

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  • Dennis Mingo - Student Ministry Pastor

    Dennis is the newest addition to our staff team. We are excited about the passion, vision and energy he brings to our Student Ministries! Spending the last nine years in Ventura, Dennis’ favorite thing about living in Grass Valley is being surrounded by trees. He enjoys hanging out with his wife, Jessica, and their two little ones. He is also partial to sports, board games, thrift stores and will never turn down lasagna. Something that may surprise you about Dennis is that he grew up in South Africa! 

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Support Staff

  • Karen Baker
    Accounting Director
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  • Shelley Desmond
    Ministry Assistant for Accounting & Lead Pastor
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  • Darryl Owens
    Worship Arts Technical Director
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  • Kim Thompson
    Worship Arts Music Assistant
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  • Marie Childers
    Worship Arts Ministry Assistant
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  • Alexis LaCentra
    Children's Ministry Assistant
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  • Bev Cole
    Children's Ministry & Operations Assistant
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  • Brenda McMullan
    Preschool & Young Families Director
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  • Blake Bardsley

    Facility Care & Operations Assistant

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  • Denice Massengill
    Facilities Care Assistant
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  • Doyle Coker
    Facilities Care Director
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  • Patrick Nicholls
    Communications Director
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  • April Nicholls
    Database Specialist
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  • Carol Caudle
    Operations Assistant
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  • Natalie Thompson

    Operations & Care Coordinator

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  • Joanie Smith
    Welcome Desk Assistant 

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  • Christiana Paddock

    Welcome Desk Assistant

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  • Lydia Malech
    Student Ministry Assistant
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  • Zach Malech
    Student Ministry Assistant
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  • Cinnamon Danielson
    Spiritual Growth Director 

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  • Shannon Prout

    Spiritual Growth Ministry Assistant

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  • Megan Lindsen

    Spiritual Growth Events Assistant

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  • Mare Dibert

    Reach Assistant

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  • Kyle Querec

    Worship Arts Music Assistant

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  • Garrett Cooper

    Worship Arts

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