celebrate uganda

Join us as we celebrate the amazing things God has done over our 12 year partnership with El Shaddai in Uganda!

Sunday, September 23 @ 1pm // Student's Multi-Purpose Room

At Celebrate Uganda we will eat some great food (lunch provided!), rejoice over the past, and also answer questions as to how can we best support and encourage our 63 orphans at this stage in life. Issues like: 

  • What are the best ways to communicate with these children?
  • What boundaries are important in these relationships?
  • How is the current donated money being used?
  • How much more money is needed to get these kids through school and into their careers?

Come join our celebration, enjoy some good food and authentic community, and find out where God is moving as we Celebrate Uganda!

For more information, contact Mare at 530.273.6425 ext. 400