Drive-Thru Food Drive

Twin Cities Church is teaming up with Interfaith Food Ministries for the "Shop, Stop, & Drop" Drive-Thru Food Drive—a no-contact, maximum-impact way to support our community and the growing number of people in need from COVID-19 hardships. 

Friday, August 28 // 8:00-10:30am // Twin Cities Church Parking Lot

We are asking for your help in donating much needed non-perishable food items! There is no need to even leave your car. Simply drive to TCC’s parking lot between 8:00-10:30 am on July 24, and follow the directions of the volunteers and signs. Here’s how you can help meet the tremendous local needs for food:  

"SHOP" for food items for this drive the next time you are at the supermarket. 

"STOP" by TCC on either collection day.

"DROP" off your food donations with one of the TCC staff or volunteers, without even leaving your car. And receive a smile, a wave, and our thanks for making a difference!

Interfaith Food Ministries is currently experiencing a critical shortage of nonperishable food items.

Top items needed:

Canned chicken, mac/cheese, Ramen noodles

Canned Black beans and kidney beans

Canned vegetables (green beans, mixed, corn)

Canned fruit

Canned chili and ravioli