We are so excited to be able to Serve Our Community again this spring! We are joining other local churches to impact our community for Jesus in a project called LiNC (Love in Nevada County). Please plan to participate with your family, friends, or community group, as we link with other churches to demonstrate the tangible love of Jesus!

Saturday April 28, 8am-12pm

Schedule on April 28:

8:00 a.m. 

Meet at TCC for a continental breakfast and prayer. 

8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 

Head to your worksite with your team! 

How Do I Get Signed Up? 

Check the project list below. You can sign up for a project by filling out the “LiNC” envelope included in your program at church on Sundays, or REGISTER ONLINE HERE. $5 covers the continental breakfast, a water bottle, and project costs. 

We encourage you to wear your “TCC Cares” shirt, your “Be the Hope” shirt, or your “LiNC” shirt to your work project!

Project List

1. BELL HILL ACADEMY SCHOOL (THIS PROJECT IS FULL): We get to paint here, mostly repainting their “Bear Path” on the ground, with bear paw stencils!

2. DEER CREEK SCHOOL (NC): Lots to do here! Interior painting, building shelves and benches, and creating a framed sand/dirt box for Tonka truck play!

3. GRASS VALLEY CHARTER SCHOOL: We get to remove the rubber chips from the preschool playground, and dress it up a bit. 

 4. HELP A NEIGHBOR (THIS PROJECT IS FULL): We get to serve by cutting up and hauling off large branches, organic debris, and maybe even cutting some tree limbs. 

5. INTERFAITH FOOD MINISTRY (THIS PROJECT IS FULL): We get to clean inside and out – you choose which fits you best!

6. LYMAN GILMORE SCHOOL (GV): We get to do a variety of outdoor work to help make this local school (to TCC) more safe and beautiful.

7. NEVADA CITY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS DEMO PROJECT (THIS PROJECT IS FULL): Take out / disassemble an old foam gymnastics pit.

8. NEVADA CITY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS GARDEN PROJECT (THIS PROJECT IS FULL): We get to revive their large garden! Build an 8-foot high fence (sink and set posts, put up wire fencing), greenhouse repair, general garden work / prep.

9. READY SPRINGS SCHOOL (PV): We get to take down some sheds and walls (demolition work), repair some walls and structures, paint, and more!

10. SCOTTEN SCHOOL (THIS PROJECT IS FULL): LANDSCAPE WORK: We get to work on cleaning and clearing landscape, raking, weed whacking, etc.

11. SCOTTEN SCHOOL (THIS PROJECT IS FULL): PARKING LOT RESTRIPING: We get to bring the white lines back to life!

12. SEVEN HILLS SCHOOL (THIS PROJECT IS FULL): We get to do 2 outdoor projects: Clear and clean limbs, branches and debris from trail system by the amphitheater, and remove some junipers by the flagpole.

13. UNION HILL SCHOOL (THIS PROJECT IS FULL): We get to clear brush, weed whack, and spread chips in an outdoor classroom area, and also restore / clear their exercise trail and exercise stations. Potential prep work on an indoor garden is a bonus.

14. WILLIAMS RANCH SCHOOL (PV): Lots of outside work here! Painting, repairing their shade structure and the sand box lid, and more!

Questions? Contact Mare at 530.273.6425 ext. 400