Serving our community

We are so excited to serve our community again this spring as we put the love of Jesus into action! Our local schools and community partners are thrilled to have us come and share our time and talents helping them to get to some projects they've only dreamed about! Join your family, friends, small group, or make some new friends as we impact our community in a big way! 

Saturday, May 11, 8am to noon

Schedule on May 11

8:00 am

Meet @ TCC for a continental breakfast, pray and to pick up your t-shirt.

8:30 am to noon

Head to your work site with your team! 

How do I get signed up?

Check the project list below and SHOW UP SATURDAY, 5/11, 8:00 am at Twin Cities!

$5 covers the continental breakfast, water bottle, t-shirt and project costs.


1. ANEW DAY (PROJECT FULL) We are working with Anew Day to serve confidential clients with various home needs. 

2. BELL HILL ACADEMY SCHOOL (GV) They’ve asked us to repaint four square courts, prep and paint the huge ball wall, replenish landscape bark, paint safety lines on stairs, and even repaint the tall flagpole, if we can reach that high!

3. DEER CREEK SCHOOL (NC) We get to do some fire prevention work (removing small trees, underbrush, dead wood), and help put in a new expanded veggie garden area. Building new planter boxes, prepping the area with wood chips, even looking at irrigation lines… Fun!

4. GRASS VALLEY CHARTER SCHOOL (PROJECT FULL) We’re planning to revitalize their playground by re-striping lines that have almost disappeared! Four square, basketball, tether ball, and more… Plus repaint some curbs and lines in front of the school.


We will be helping them re-stripe their parking lot, as the lines are so old they are non-existent in places! 

6. INTERFAITH FOOD MINISTRY (PROJECT FULL) NOTE: This one project will be from noon - 3pm, due to food distribution in the morning. It’s time for spring deep cleaning, and we get to help! Inside it’s the tables, floors, shelves, refrigerator and more, while outside it’s landscape work, pressure washing, and windows.

7. LIVING WELL MEDICAL CLINIC We get to help them do a major refurbishing of their fair booth, the Mexican Hot Spot! Interior and exterior prep and painting, removing the old stove, basically making it sparkle and shine!

8 . LYMAN GILMORE SCHOOL (GV ) Just down the road from TCC, we are planning to put in an outdoor path between rooms, work on some drainage issues, and do some parking lot re-striping.

9. NEVADA CITY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS (PROJECT FULL) They’ve asked us to help design and put in place a new pre-kindergarten playground! This involves putting in a tricycle path, building a fun “music wall”, decorating fences, maybe even putting together a wooden train or a playhouse!

10. READY SPRINGS SCHOOL (PV) We have a variety of projects at this school! Putting up benches in concrete, striping parking lots and the playground, spreading bark, and working on prepping and painting a long exterior classroom wall.

11 . SCOTTEN SCHOOL (PROJECT FULL) We will be tackling a lot of projects at this TCC neighbor! Landscape cleanup, building planter boxes, repainting playground lines, painting shapes and numbers on the ground, and helping with drainage issues.

12. SEVEN HILLS SCHOOL (NC) They are looking for our help with a large amount of much needed fire prevention work! Cutting small trees (chainsaws and hand saws), removing underbrush, dead wood and more from land that borders the school.

13. UNION HILL SCHOOL (PROJECT FULL) We have the opportunity to spread landscape bark on several long embankments, paint parking lot curbs, and do some building work in the revitalized garden (building a picnic table and a potting bench).

14. WILLIAMS RANCH SCHOOL (PROJECT FULL) We get to help by painting a large metal container, planting several trees, placing weed cloth and wood chips in planters, and painting curbs in the parking lot.