Year-End Gift 2019

Every year we encourage each person who is part of Twin Cities Church to give an extra gift of gratitude to God and our church as a way of saying, “I was really blessed this year, and I want to be generous.” God truly blesses us so that we will be blessings to others, and when you give, you are close to the heart of God because He is a giver.

Will you take time to do a gratitude list of all the ways God has blessed you this year? Will you think through how important your experience with Twin Cities is in your personal pursuit of God and His Son? When you do that, you will begin to feel joy. Next, will you ask God to show you what kind of gift you could give as an expression of your gratitude to God for all He has done?

The beauty of our Year-End Gift is that it allows our church to take steps to keep our facility as clean and beautiful as possible. It helps us replace used equipment and upgrade our systems. It moves us out into the community in new ways to express the love of Jesus. It allows us financial breathing room in case our General Fund giving is below our needs. It gives us the margin to dream and focus on the future. Every gift, no matter the size, is used to help us in our mission to lead as many people as possible into a growing relationship with Jesus!