Uganda "U13" Team Updates

Our "U13" Team left for Uganda on January 2, 2018. Please pray for them as the serve in ministry with El Shaddai World Ministries. We will be posting updates on this page as we receive them!

1/17/18 - The Uganda team is home! They just landed at the airport and will head this way after making it through customs and grabbing some food (we imagine). We are planning on having the team here to drop off suitcases and meet loved ones around 5:00.

1/16/18 - The U13 team is now on their way home, but before they left Uganda they send us this last set of photos! 

This was the note they sent with the photos: "Photos are of the sugar factory tour. Our shopping time in Jinja and our last evening."  

1/14/18 - Here is the latest update from "U13!"

1/11/18 - Another brief update from the "U13" team! With this batch of photos we also received this message:

"We had about a dozen decisions for Jesus today. AMEN! Pray for all of the believers and the local church as they reach out to them."

1/10/18 - A new batch of photos came in from our team in Uganda!

1/8/18 - These photos from our U13 team came in late yesterday!

1/7/18 - Below are several updates that came in from team members today!

We had an enjoyable time handing out shoes today as well. We did a few yesterday  (Friday). The group that went jogging with us had the first pick. Then the rest came over." 

"There are a lot of children around the Iziru church. While we were out in the village a couple of our kids stayed and worked with the children. We did this both days."

"Second day at Iziru went well. We again went out in teams doing evangelism. We had 11 teams. We saw 50 to 60 decisions for Christ!! (Not sure on some of the younger kids. Many more indicated they will be at the celebration on Sunday. Many were encouraged with our visit and  appreciated our help with the church. We anticipate a full house Sunday. A photo of the church is attached."

1/7/18 - Thanks for the amazing update!

1/5/18 - Yeah God!


 - Dan Holler just texted to say that the U13 team has made it safely to Pastor Roberts house in Uganda.


- An update from Pastor John: