Uganda "U14" Team Updates

Our "U14" Team departed for Uganda on January 10, 2019. Please pray for them as the serve in ministry with El Shaddai World Ministries. We will be posting updates on this page as we receive them!

1/24/19 - Update from John: The team is safely in Dubai, hitting the hay after 1 AM... yep, late flight and then an early morning, in case we weren’t tired enough! Things are fine, and I think you heard and noticed that the internet connection was atrocious and even non-existent the last few days. Oh well, we communicated as best we could, and hopefully that was enough.

It was a great trip and team, with much accomplished, and we are looking forward to being back and sharing about it. Maryann and Joy are staying in Kampala (Uganda capital) for a few extra days, so the 8 remaining team members are in SF tomorrow, tired but fulfilled.

Quick 1:35 update now that I have WiFi at the Dubai hotel, everyone else is asleep, trying to get a few winks before our 5AM wake up call. Sounds like a good plan to me!

God bless you all, and thank you for the prayers. Keep them coming, the 15 hour flight looms!

1/22/19 - Photos from Joy Porter:

1/22/19 - From Dan: We spent another day doing out reach in Bufuula. It went well. The church there is coming along as they work to complete the painting and putting in the glass for the windows. We are taking it a bit easier today. Will go to town. See some of the mamas this evening. And spend some time with the kids.

1/17/19 - Updates and photos are trickling in from the U14 Team! Keep praying for all of the work God is doing in and through them!

1/16/19 - From Dan: Great day again out at the church working. We did the dress a girl/dress a dude which was a great hit. Opportunity to share the love of Jesus in a very real way and to share with them how to know Jesus. We did more bricks and fetching water. Had a good rain storm about lunch time. Over the three days we made some great connections with the pastor, his wife, and some of the church members. Will send photos once we have wifi connection. A couple of team members with a touch of a cold, otherwise all are doing well.

1/15/19 - Update from Dan: Batteries arrived. A little push start and away we go. Fun time with the family by where we were stopped. Chance to share and pray with them, play games with the kids. About 4:45 we are on the road back to Bugembe.

1/15/19 - From Dan: Fun times coming back from working at the church as the portion of the bus floor that held the batteries gave way and the two batteries fell out. Ripped off the cables and so as I write this we are stopped along the road 30 min or so from the church. The bus driver headed into town 1.5 or so hours away to get a battery and then we will see if we can get it situated to get the bus going. Forgot my AAA card. 

All in good spirits! 

1/13/19 - From Pastor John: Good morning (it is morning for US!). Yesterday’s graduation party for our 23 kids who have completed some level of post-high school education was great to be a part of! OK, it was African, so that meant it went 4 1/2 hours (including a meal)... But quite a celebration! Very rewarding to see the little ones we knew from 2006 who didn’t read and barely spoke any English now wearing caps and gowns, and a few of them even entering the job force! So proud of them.  

Today we are off for the first of 3 days at a new church build in a far away village. I don’t know the name of it yet, but I have heard it is quite a ways off the main road, so it should be an adventure! The team is doing well, but keep the prayers coming, please! 

1/12/19 - From Pastor John: We got here safely to Uganda, and everyone is doing well. We had 2 church services this morning at Pastor Robert’s church (Pastor John the guest speaker as usual), and we are now getting ready to go to the graduation party for the 23 of our children who have completed some level of trade school or university. It is going to be a BIG party, as our kids didn’t get parties when they graduated (being orphans), and this culture loves to celebrate graduations with gusto! We are so thrilled to be able to provide this party for our kids!

Attached is a picture of first service today, when one of the songs called for worshipping God, and many physically kneeled as they sang. So cool.

Keep praying for us, tomorrow starts the work project as we build the first of 2 churches!

- From Dan: Sunday services are going well. What a blessing to reconnect with so many here in Bugembe!

 - From Pastor John: We made it to Dubai safe and sound, pretty smooth and uneventful flight, which is good! Tired, yes, but ready to continue to Uganda tomorrow to begin on the ground ministry. Keep the prayers coming!

1/10/19 -The Uganda team shipped out today! Be praying for their safety as they travel oversees. More updates to come!