Uganda "U15" Team Updates

Our "U15" Team departed for Uganda on January 7, 2020. Please pray for them as the serve in ministry with El Shaddai World Ministries. We will be posting updates on this page as we receive them!

1/17/20- We made our first trip to the second church we worked on last year, Namayemba. We celebrated with the church leaders, then evangelized in small teams. We led around 30-40 to the Lord, which was sweet, and the team members who were struggling with this sharing/evangelism last week have gotten so much more comfortable! Other news: the water has been off at Pastor Robert’s house (and the whole area) about 40 straight hours, and most of the day 2 days before that, so that has been a bit of a challenge. Please continue to pray for the health of our team members, as it almost feels like a little bug is going around.  

1/14/20- We are off for a third day at Bukuutu. We will continue to work on the building and hand out clothes for "Dress a Girl" and "Dress a Dude." Some team members aren't feeling well, please pray for them and that the rest of us will stay well. 

1/12/20We opened the Nacibungulya Church on Sunday, and there were SO many people there! Packed inside, people lined up outside every doorway, kids leaning in every window available, and then many more outside hoping to get a glimpse inside. It was a good but crazy long 4 1/2 hour service, followed by lunch and then another hour plus of speeches, gifts to Pastor Robert and our team... we finally made it back to home base, but it was a full day and more!

Our 2 days of evangelism brought hundreds of people to the opening, and decisions for those days numbered in the 60+ range. More Sunday morning, but not certain of the numbers.


Things are good, and we so appreciate the prayers! We head to the new church build (Bukutu) tomorrow, so we are getting our brick throwing hands and water carrying arms prepared as best we can. And as always we are looking forward to getting to know the pastor and people there.

1/10/20- Update from John: We are moving into our second full day here in Uganda, and the team is doing well.  Yesterday we went to one of the churches we started building last year (Nacibungulya, which is a mouthful!), and we went out to evangelize in the village, as well as invite people to Sunday’s grand opening celebration. 

40+ people prayed to ask Jesus onto their lives (awesome!), and many plan to come to the grand opening and wait to receive Jesus then and there. Yes, that may seem a bit odd in our culture, but planning to make that decision at an important time and place makes sense to them.


Several of our team members are struggling with wrestling through the extreme poverty and life conditions we are encountering here. It is all a healthy thing to process through as a part of ministering and relating here, but it has led to some overwhelming tears and broken hearts as the process has begun. Prayers are so welcome, for the team as well as the ministry God has allowed us to join.


More evangelism today (after a long 2 hour bus ride, lengthened because of the extreme rains they had the past 6 months that have destroyed so many of the back roads), and then the church grand opening on Sunday! Those are usually a giant party, a community/village highlight of the year, and a definite spiritual and ministry event.

1/8/20 - Update from John: Hey gang! 
We are starting our second flight (Dubai to Uganda) in mere minutes, and so far so good! Thanks, keep praying, and we are praying for you, too!