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The Promise of Christmas

Join us this Christmas season as we take a not so familiar journey through the Psalms of the Old Testament to get a fresh perspective on the WONDER of Christmas. God has promised that through Jesus we will touch the wonder and awe of His provision for us.

November 17 - "Releasing Your Failures" (Message Notes | Music

November 24 - "Maintaining Your Perspective" (Message Notes | Music)

December 1 - "The Promise of Hope" (Message Notes | Music)

December 8 - "The Promise of Love" (Message Notes | Music)

December 15 - "The Promise of Joy" (Message Notes | Music)

December 22 - "The Promise of Peace" (Message Notes | Music)

December 23/24 - "The Promise of Flourishing" (Message Notes | Music)

December 29 - "The Promise of Blessing" (Message Notes | Music)

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