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"RESET: Shifting Back to Move Forward"

"Ultimately, every problem I see in every person I know is a problem of moving too fast for too long in too many aspects of life."
- Brady Boyd from Addicted to Busy

April 1 (Easter) - "Believe in the Resurrection" (Message Notes | Music)
April 8 - "Reset Your Priorities" (Message Notes | Music)
April 15 - "Reset Your Pursuits" (Message Notes | Music)
April 22 - "Reset Your Thoughts" (Message Notes)
April 29 - "Reset Your Power" (Message Notes | Music)
May 6 - "Reset Your Relationships" (Message Notes)
May 13 - "Reset Womanhood" (Message Notes)
May 20 - "Reset Your Marriage" (Message Notes)

May 27 - "Reset Your Grief"

June 3 - "Reset Your Serenity"
June 10 - "Reset Your Compassion"
June 17 - "Reset Fatherhood"

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