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"Living in the Goodness of God"
Our view of God directly affects our view of life. When we can see God as good, we learn to trust that life is good because we trust Him to be in control, working all things out for our good even when life gets challenging. When we see God as distant or not good, we end up feeling stress and worry because we perceive life as chaotic and scary when we only have our own resources to depend upon. This series will help us realize the benefits of walking and living in the goodness of God. We’re going to look at the 23rd Psalm and discover together that when we trust in the goodness of God and learn to let Him be our Shepherd we can experience peace in our pressured world.

October 21 - "Living Above Brokenness" (Message Notes | Music)

October 28 - "Living Above Confusion"

November 4 - "Living Above Fear"

November 11 - "Living Above Shame"

November 18 - "Living Above Insecurity"

November 25 - "Living Above Hopelessness"

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