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Practicing the Way of Jesus

Jesus, a humble man born in an obscure village, came to show us what it means to be in relationship with God. Some people believe that Jesus came to start a religion, but that is not accurate. People may have taken His teachings and launched “religion” from them, but what if Jesus came for something much more? What if He really came to help us know God better and accurately reflect Him by the way we live? 

Let’s discover this together as we learn to Practice the Way of Jesus in our new message series that begins January 5, 2020. We’ll learn from Jesus what it means to be fully human and live out our purpose for being alive. We’ll paint a picture of life lived together in the way of Jesus, which is another way of saying life lived to the full. Whether you’re not sure you believe in Jesus or you’ve been going to church all your life, we invite you to come explore why Jesus is the most influential person in history.

January 5 - "Practicing Prayer" (Message Notes | Music)

January 12 - "Practicing Apprenticeship" (Message Notes | Music)

January 19 - "Practicing Justice" (Message Notes | Music)

January 26 - "Practicing Humility" (Message Notes | Music)

February 2 - "Practicing Generosity" (Message Notes | Music)

February 9 - "Practicing Love" (Message Notes | Music)

February 16 - "Practicing Mission" (Message Notes | Music)

February 23 - "Practicing Rest"

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