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Stronger: Courage For Chaotic Times

We live in unprecedented times with uncertain dynamics and unpredictable circumstances. How do you stand strong with courage in the face of chaotic times like these? Joshua became the leader of God's people during a time of great uncertainty, and God said to him: "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

How do we build that kind of strong hope and trust? It begins with knowing the One who spoke those words. Throughout the Bible, again and again, God describes Himself with a name that speaks directly to the need His people were having at that moment. Over and over again, God says, “I will be for you all that you need. Place your trust in who I am.”

For the next ten weeks, we’re going to discover who God is by looking at His names and how they can help us grow in courage to stand strong in the chaotic times we’re in. Come join us as we grow in our knowledge and intimacy of the God whose name helps us be STRONGER.

April 12 - Easter Online at Twin Cities Church (Message Notes | Music)

April 19 - "Building a Stronger Foundation" (Message Notes | Music)

April 26 - "Establishing a Stronger Trust" (Message Notes | Music)

May 3 - "Looking to a Stronger Power" (Message Notes | Music)

May 10 (Mother's Day) - "Seeking a Stronger Significance" (Message Notes | Music)

May 17 - "Finding a Stronger Hope" (Message Notes | Music)

May 24 - "Trusting a Stronger Promise" (Message Notes | Music)

May 31 - "Securing a Stronger Peace" (Message Notes | Music)

June 7 - "Knowing a Stronger Security"

June 14 - "Shaping a Stronger Character"

June 21 (Father's Day) - "Embracing a Stronger Love"

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