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Rise Up: A Time To Rebuild

One thing we can all say with certainty is that 2020 has been full of chaos, uncertainty, and disequilibrium. It feels like we’ve been through a time of complete upheaval, and many of us are left wondering, “How do we rebuild from this?” We’re asking, “How do we rise up from the rubble when things still feel so unstable?”

Even though the times we’re in may seem new to us, if you study history, you’ll find that we’re not the only ones who were forced to rebuild their lives after life had shaken them to the core. Join us as we look at how one man named Nehemiah made a difference because he saw the need to rebuild. Out of that sense of passion and destiny he answered the call to be the one who would lead a community and nation to RISE UP. We’ll see that there are certain ways we can respond to our difficulties that can help us take steps forward even if we’re not sure what’s on the other side. It’s time to rebuild! 

June 28 - "Receiving A Stronger Healing" (Message Notes | Music)

July 5 - "Claiming A Stronger Victory" (Message Notes | Music)

July 12 - "Praying With Desperation" (Message Notes | Music)

July 19 - "Stepping Into Action" (Message Notes | Music)

July 26 - "Linking Arms Together" (Message Notes | Music)

August 2 - "Overcoming Overwhelming Obstacles" (Message Notes | Music)

August 9 - "Inspiring Justice And Generosity" (Message Notes | Music)

August 16 - "Seeking Sound Wisdom" (Message Notes | Music)

August 23 - "Standing On Truth" (Message Notes | Music)

August 30 - "Declaring Inner Brokenness" (Message Notes | Music)

September 6 - "Making A Solid Resolve" (Message Notes | Music)

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