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Current Message Series

Many people have ideas about God based upon experience, word of mouth, depictions in media or from their own thoughts. For others the real question is not do they know God, but can God really be known? And even more personally, can I know God, and if I did would it matter? For six weeks we’re going to look into the Bible and let God introduce Himself to us. What we’ll discover is that God can be known, that He wants to be known, and that
Him makes all the difference.

July 17 - "Is Knowable" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
July 24 - "Is Aware" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
July 31 - "Is Everywhere" 
August 7 - "Is Powerful" 
August 14 - "Is In Control" 
August 21 - "Is Unchanging" 

Engage with us in person at our services, or live online through our app or at twincitieschurch.tv. For resources like message notes or audio and video of past messages, visit our message resources page. For book selections designed to tie into this series, check out our "Pastor's Picks."