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Current Message Series

For generations people have heard Jesus’ promise that He came to set them free by what He accomplished through His life, death and resurrection. Those who believe in Jesus call this “amazing grace.” But for some people, something happens along the way that causes them to lose the joy and freedom promised by Jesus. The underlying problem seems to be the strangling effects of religion with its emphasis on rules and regulations. This was an issue in the early church as much as it is today, and the Apostle Paul wrote a letter called Galatians to combat this tension between grace and works. We invite you to join us and take a thorough look at this letter as we seek to Pursue The Grace Life and experience the freedom and joy Jesus promised.

March 27 - (Easter) - "Free" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
April 3 - "Free By Grace" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
April 10 - "Free By Rescue" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
April 17 - "Free To Defend" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
April 24 - "Free To Uphold" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
May 1 - "Free To Rest" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
May 8 - "Free At Home" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
May 15 - "Free From Legalism" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
May 22 - "Free By Adoption" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set) 
May 29 - "Free To Grow"
June 5 - "Free To Choose"
June 12 - "Free To Stand"
June 19 - "Free To Lead"
June 26 - "Free To Love"
July 3 - "Free To Give"
July 10 - "Free To Boast"

Engage with us in person at our services, or live online through our app or at twincitieschurch.tv. For resources like message notes or audio and video of past messages, visit our message resources page. For book selections designed to tie into this series, check out our "Pastor's Picks."