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Current Message Series

"Made To Flourish"

The desire to FLOURISH is wired into who we are as we seek to be all we were made to be. In fact, just looking at the difference between NOT FLOURISHING and FLOURISHING can help us see why this new study is key to our contentment, peace of mind, joy and purpose.

• To NOT FLOURISH is to feel hindered, withered, exhausted, empty,
hopeless, helpless, confused, purposeless, or lost.

• To FLOURISH is to bloom, grow, thrive, be energized,
shine, bear fruit, break forth, overflow.

Join us in this adventure as we go all the way back to Genesis and the originator of all things. We’ll discover together that
FLOURISHING is what God always intended. We were Made To Flourish!

March 5 - "CREATION" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
March 12 - "DESIGN" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
March 19 - "PURPOSE" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
March 26 - "CONNECTION" (Notes/Study Guide | Song Set)
April 2 - "ALIENATION"
April 9 - "HOPE"
April 16 (Easter) - "HOPE UNLEASHED"

Engage with us in person at our services, or live online through our app or at twincitieschurch.tv. For resources like message notes or audio and video of past messages, visit our message resources page. For book selections designed to tie into this series, check out our "Pastor's Picks."

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