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Current Message Series

"Be Known Be Loved"

Be Known Be Loved has been part of our language here at Twin Cities since our launch in 1992. Here’s how we phrased it, “Everyone needs a place where they can know and be known, love and be loved, serve and be served, celebrate and be celebrated.” As we look around our world, it seems that the need to belong is greater than ever. Studies show that loneliness is one of the strongest feelings felt by people today. In fact, the number of people living alone is at an all-time high. Even with social media “friends and followers,” loneliness and depression are felt by so many people. 

We want Twin Cities to be a place where we can all be known and be loved. We can become that kind of church as we come together and learn the skills of relating to and caring for one another. The beauty of this is that as we learn to love each other better, we will draw others to Jesus like a magnet. We will become irresistible. The Bible has a lot to say about relational health, so we invite you to join us for our series as we become the kind of church family we’re all longing to experience.

April 21 – “What Difference Does the Resurrection Make?” 

(Message Notes | Music)

April 28 - "Be Loving" (Message Notes | Music)

May 5 - "Be Accepting" (Message Notes | Music)

May 12 - "Be Honoring" (Message Notes | Music)

May 19 - "Be Forgiving" (Message Notes | Music)

May 26 - "Be Considerate" (Message Notes | Music)

June 2 - "Be Peaceful" (Message Notes | Music)

June 9 - "Be Hospitable" (Message Notes | Music)

June 16 - "Be Encouraging" (Message Notes | Music)

June 23 - "Be a Servant" (Message Notes | Music)

June 30 - "Be Vulnerable"

Engage with us in person at our services, or live online through our app or at twincitieschurch.tv. For resources like message notes or audio and video of past messages, visit our message resources page. For book selections designed to tie into this series, check out our "Pastor's Picks."

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